i was born and raised in collinsville, il., a small suburb on the east side of st. louis.  home of the worlds largest ketchup bottle, and the horseradish capital of the world.  my parents were in a band when i was growing up, so music and creativity were always around.  i first picked up a guitar at the age of twelve and have been playing ever since.  had a few bands through high school and around the end of high school i bought a 4-track cassette recorder.  began recording my band, and all of my friends bands around that time, which happened to be a lot for a small farm town.

in 1996 i joined ring, cicada.  we began playing more shows locally and regionally, even doing of couple of big tours. at that time we started to meet other bands from other cities and developed friendships.  i was continuously recording on my 4-track during this time, and even put together a couple of small diy studios with friends.

around 2004 my buddy allen epley, who’s band shiner had just broken up, asked if i wanted to join his new band called the life and times.  it was a difficult decision to leave my home town and all my close friends, but i decided to make the move to kansas city, mo. and we have been making music together ever since, of course with the help of chris metcalf.

after a short stint in nyc from 2008-10, i moved to chicago, il. where the band headquaters became and currently are.  allen and i began putting together more of a legit studio to start recording other bands. in addition to recording and producing bands, i have also taken an interest in video work and dabble in video editing.  have done assistant editing for a soon to be released documentary, and also have helped on independent movie and video sets lending a hand wherever needed.